The following Inspection Reports are ACTUAL reports, altered only so as to not disclose
location and client information.  

While the deficiencies that I find vary from home to home, the one thing that
all homes
definitely have in common, young or old, is that they ALL have deficiencies... and I
perceive my job as one of
information gathering and fact-finding for you, in order
to ensure that you make an informed,
empowered decision.  

I do not blow things out of proportion, but nor will I sugar-coat them either, as that
would be insulting to you.  At the end of the day you need to know what you are

Do not settle for LESS information!

Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions.
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Actual Inspection
This NEW Townhome had Missing
Downspouts... High-voltage wire
laying loose in the Attic... Damaged
Vapour Barrier in the Attic... Clearly
the Contractor did not complete the
required work, and the City Building
Inspector missed it
Damaged exterior flashing would
have caused wood rot to the
exterior, and a moisture leak
behind the wall in the shower
would have lead to major repairs
and expense in this otherwise
lovely Townhome
A recent client purchased a home that
was only 8 years old.  In our discussions he
was only 8 years old.  In our discussions he
said to me that because the home was
not old, and because it looked very
well-cared for, that it did not need an
inspection - but to be on the safe side he
chose to have one done.
Read the report and
you decide if the
potential for carbon monoxide poisoning
and for a house fire are reason enough?
Not only did an unscrupulous
leave unfinished repairs in
the Attic of this Townhome (where
the Homeowners never looked and
were unaware), there were moisture
issues in the Bathroom
This home contained some major
repair issues, beyond cosmetic.  
Major renovation required.  Read on
for the details...
This Condo contained hidden
, plumbing and
venting  issues
I wanted to call this THE TOP 10
, but there
were too many issues.  Feel free
to skim straight to the SUMMARY
at the end, then ask yourself if you
can afford NOT to...
Foreclosures create potentially great
opportunities to purchase, repair, and
re-sell at a profit.  They also (usually) have
a considerable laundry-list of deficiencies
that you MUST be aware of prior to
purchasing.  You may think that because
you know that you will need to make
repairs, that there is no point having it
inspected.  But what if those repairs add
up to $50,000 or more?  Are you prepared
for that?
"But my new
home doesn't
need an
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