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Definition:  A Home Inspection is a high-liability, in-depth, multi-disciplined technical analysis of the home,
conducted under adverse circumstances in front of a demanding audience, requiring the generation of an
incredibly detailed written report, prepared in an unrealistically short time frame, for an inconceivably low fee.
Inspection Services Include:

Pre-purchase or Pre-sale Inspections for:

- HOUSES (both Single & Multi-family Dwellings)
- TOWNHOUSES (including the areas that STRATA is responsible for)
- CONDO's (I will also inspect the Roof and Boiler Room if access is permitted)
- MOBILE / MODULAR Homes (including the gloomy crawlspace)
- Component Specific Inspections

                     * Performed to
HIABC's Scope Of Inspection standards

- Commercial
Property Condition Assessments

                      * Performed to ASTM Standard E2018-15
Whether you are purchasing a house or commercial property, you need
an Inspection. Here's why:

You WILL learn things about the condition of the property that
you will NOT find out any other way.  Valuable things.  A good inspection will
determine the condition of every major system of the home or commercial
property - top to bottom, inside and outside.  A good inspection
report will
detail these conditions clearly, utilizing digital photographs.  You will
know what
you're buying, before you buy it as opposed to finding out after it's too late.
Professional Services